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Since 2008 AcruxSoft has been developing technological 
tools and professional services that contribute to the 
improvement of fishing a
ctivities worldwide.

NEWS, Trawl Vision Mobile, he following application is aimed at fishermen, students and engineers linked to the fishing activity, in order to help improve efficiency and the contribution of knowledge for the preservation of natural resources.


Our client´s success stories guide our constant search for the best performance & constant improvement of our products and services. Fishing companies and fisheries institutions all over the world have learnt through us to fish better and more efficiently


Our products and services will assist you to take the best business and operational decisions, reducing your operational costs and increasing your fishing efficiency. We will help you to make your fishing business sustainable. 


Acruxsoft has been providing the best technical and operational solutions in the trawling fishing industry for over 10 years. We thank all the companies and institutions we have provided our services for their constant support and for inspiring us to constantly improve


AcruxSoft is a Company founded in 2008 providing the best and most efficient technological and operational solutions for the fishing industry. Our team is made out of engineers providing the best technological solutions and an expert fishing team providing the expert operational solutions. Originally established in Uruguay, we took off thanks to the the scientific research we developed together with the Institute of Mechanics of Fluids and Environmental Engineering (IMFIA) and the University of the Republic of Uruguay, being our goal the improvement and optimisation of the fishing gears.


During these years, we have created and developed innovative software tools, fishing workshops focusing in the optimisation of the existing resources in the fishing companies, designing of best performing fishing gears and trawling nets and the implementation of fishing gears simulation laboratories for fisheries departments in Universities all over the world. 

Thanks to our professionalism, our expert knowledge in the fishing industry and the quality of our fishing and trawling solutions, Acruxsoft has become a key partner for many fishing companies all over the world looking at reducing the operational costs of their fishing activities (fuel consumption, maintenance of vessels), increasing the fishing power of their fishing gears thanks to our best performing trawling designs and solutions

We are also a key partner for many academic and research institutions, and our company has been awarded all over the world for our innovative and sustainable fishing solutions.  

Whether we work with fishing companies, Universities or public institutions, our goal is always the same: achieving the best efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the fishing industry.



Thank you for contacting AcruxSoft

AcruxSoft SRL

CEO: Frank Chalkling 
E mail:

Tel.: + 598 98727822 
Address: 21 de setiembre 2292,
City : Montevideo, Country:  Uruguay

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