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The TRAWL VISION PROFESSIONAL suite is divided into 3 modules:

Trawl Vision Mobile _ New 2022 

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The following application is aimed at fishermen, netters and scientists linked to fishing activity, in order to help improve efficiency and the contribution of knowledge for the preservation of natural resources.

The APP presents practical solutions and results on: propulsion, deployment, angles of attack, selection and calibration of doors, selection and types of warps, winches, flotation calculations, ballast, weight, area, panel cuts, U1 and U2, codend, technical efficiency, types of mesh, among others...

The system contains algorithms that allow to diagnose and improve the fishing gear, comparing the data entered by the user with successful empirical records.

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Puedes instalar la aplicacion de manera gratuita presionando el boton de la derecha. Ten en cuenta que por el momento solo puede ser instalada en dispositivos ANDROID.

Una vez instalada, debes ingresar un mail y un telefono para solicitar un codigo de activacion.

Hecho esto, Acruxsoft se comunicara contigo para efectuar la compra de la licencia y entregarte el codigo.

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Its fast and easy user interfaceincreases the interaction between the user and the software, allowing you to create a trawl net quickly, easily and accurately.It contains over 120 models with cutting edge designs. Trawl Vision Designer is a powerful software tool designed tocontribute the fishing industry, directed to all people connected with the activity of trawling. The user can create a new trawling net, store and evaluate rapid changes in the design and its effect on the whole rigging


The TVS user will be able to see, with an extremely friendly 3D user interface, the behavior of different trawl nets, door models, interacting with any kind of settings and models of the fishing gear components. The system allows you to diagnose the efficiency of your trawl fishing systems and  minimizing corrective actions at sea.

Guided through three dimensional animations, we'll travel using virtual cameras focusing on each section of the gear, up to a depth of 1500 meters.

We'll make changes on the design of the nets, trawling doors, buoyancy, threads, angles, sweeplines, speed, warps to see how it affects resistance and consumption

Trawl Vision Pro

Make your best choice by comparing various strategies in the shortest time.

This product was developed by engineers and fisheries experts from AcruxSoft SRL, integrating their knowledge and experience to improve fishing gear.TrawlVision generates fast and efficient solutions, minimizing the corrective actions at sea.



Trawl Vision Simulator

–TVS– is the simulator module from the Trawl VisionPRO software package, a powerful tool developed to improve the fishing gear technology, addressed to the commercial fishing industry. The TVS user will be able to see, with an extremely user friendly 3D interfacethe behavior of different trawl models, interacting with any kind of settings and models of the fishing gear components. The TVS allows the user to change any setting of the fishing gear, seeing the way it reacts in real time, graphic and numerically. This will provide the user a way to optimize the fishing gear behavior, reducing the resistance andincreasing the trawl efficiency. All this without losing time and money modifying the real fishing gear with no clue about the potential results when trawling.The TVS module will simulate and predictthe trawl models designed with another Trawl Vision PRO module, called Trawl Vision Designer (TVD).

The objective of the TrawlVision is to enhance and update the knowledge of the users   in trawl technology. This will increase their ability to understand trawl developments and implement improvements to the gear. 

You can predict and improve the following: spread doors, consumption of fishing gear,  selectivity, vertical opening of the trawl, attack angles, change threads, mesh sizes, ballast, flotation, types of funds, speed of trawl, among others.

Design your own trawl with a unique level of detail in the global market.

In short, you can increase your performance, optimizing your fishing gear without consuming fuel and in a minimum time.


  1. Energy savings.

  2. Less time.

  3. Efficiency.

  4. Increase the catch.

  5. Promotes sustainable fishing.


1.    Single
2.    Pair
3.    Outtriger

4.    Twin (3 wire)
5.    Twin (2 wire)

6.    Pelagic Trawling

7.    Pelagic Pair

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